Buffalo Wings N Things





Q. What happens if the food is damaged in shipping?

A.We will replace the order immediatelywith no cost to the customer, a free gift, and free coupons for their next order.

Q.What if the food has spoiled during shipping?

A.We'll supply a refund or replacement at no cost, and with free coupons and a free gift for the inconvenience.

Q.What about allergies, food poisoning, or other bad reactions?

A.We'll refund completely, and do all we can to make sure customers are satisfied. we will deal with these issues on a case by case basis. Also, we are fully insured to help protect the business against lawsuits of health-related nature.


Disclaimer: Buffalo Wings N Things is an educational business simulation through Virtual Enterprises International. This site is an entrepreneurial simulation for high school students, and is not a real business.


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